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Is your lock in good condition and has high secured features, but you have lost its keys? Are you guessing that a distrusted one has picked them up what threatens your proprieties protection but maybe your family safety? Then how to keep your lock and ensure your security at the same time.

What you need to do, is to give Kent Locksmiths WA a call now. We provide you with rekey service that we are specialized in offering it for more than 15 year rekeying all sorts of locks to give our customer the high results that exceed their expectation in cheap prices within a short while.

That’s why along these years that within it we offer Kent Washington our rekey service, we have built huge reputation depending on getting 100% satisfaction of our customers who still have their locks but opening them by using new keys. How?

What Is Rekey Service?

Re-keying means only removes the springs and pins in your lock cylinder to install new ones, so to open your door after these process, it requires new key which can match with these new pins and springs. But when the time you need to change the whole lock or just re-key it.

Rekey locks is affordable choice when you need to enhance your house, office or car security. However, in some times change locks will be required if you have rusted or old locks or if you need to install high technological one.

Kent Locksmiths WA pros are in your service for all conditions. Then how we serve you!

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Issues Require Our 24/7 Emergency Rekey Service!

There are many cases once facing one of them, don’t stand one minute else after getting rekey service. These situations including not limited to;

  • o You have bought or rented new house.
  • o You have moved your business into new place.
  • o You have lost office keys, house key or car key, so your keys is available to be picked by someone you don’t know or guarantee his/her ethics.
  • o Maybe rekey service can solve ignition cylinder issues by replacing the broken pins inside the cylinder, which makes your key can switch on your car again.
  • o Your previous friends who have access for your house, office or auto become enemies threaten you.
  • o You have high turnover at your work, so a lot of employees you have fired or who have resigned still have your offices keys.

Kent Locksmiths WA offers 24/7 emergency rekey service for these situations and more to ensure your completely safety all the days and at all times serving you around the clock, 7 days a week & 365 days a year.

Mobile Locks Re-Key In Your Service!

Do you have traditional or high technological lock? Whatever the lock you have Kent Locksmiths WA is the mobile locksmith services that depends on well-equipped vans with the whole tools which can rekey any lock.

Our vans are well-distributed all over Kent Washington to arrive your place in speed, as we are a local locksmith company.

Need To rekey master key System? We are ready for this mission too in order to do it effectively with competitive prices.

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The More About Our Local Rekey Service!

You need for home repair services from many companies one of them for your lock cylinder as it can’t move! Our local rekey service is the service you get to know how customer service should to be from the fast arrival, to the best results you will get in the cheapest prices.

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