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You may don’t think before to get Key Duplication Service for your house, office or car keys until experiencing being locked out! Let’s imagine that at the time you have locked out of your house, you pull the spare that existing under the rug which is located in front of your home door to open your house lock.

Or at the time you have forgotten your car keys, you use your duplicated fob key & transponder key to unlock your car and switch it on. That’s why if you don’t have duplicated your keys yet, harry to do right now. But why Kent Locksmiths WA will be your best choice all over Kent Washington to get this service from.

Reasons To Call Key Duplication WA

Duplicate keys made near you

Kent Locksmiths WA is a locally-based company that well-located to cover all Kent Washington areas from the Far East to far west and from the far north to far south. In order to be Key duplication service which is near you wherever your location in Kent WA.

That’s why it will be just few minutes to be at your home, commercial building or car location offering top rated local key duplication service in competitive prices.

24/7 Emergency locksmiths

Our licensed locksmiths don’t know how to spend one minute without serving Kent Washington citizens. So ensure that there is no time within 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we aren’t available to serve you. For that Kent Locksmiths WA is known by offering emergency key duplication service.

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Duplicate keys service on the spot

Need to get the spare of your key on your hand within just few minutes, call Kent Locksmiths WA today. We have experience exceed 15 years in cutting keys and have equipped with the latest hardware. So surely that will result in cutting your key in quick, as the whole mission won’t exceed 10 minutes.

Cut All Keys For All Sorts

Be sure that no key we can’t cut even which says “Do Not Duplicate”. As we have wide verity of keys in the stock and the latest hardware & the newest machines to cut any types of car, office and house keys for all models. So if you need to duplicate;

  • Your office key!
  • Your master key!
  • Your Transponder key!
  • Your fob key!
  • Your ignition key!
  • Your house key for high technological locks or high security ones!
  • Garage door keys!
  • Key of deadbolts and other kinds…!

Kent Locksmiths WA is the 24 locksmith company that deserve your trust. As we offer mobile residential, commercial and car key duplication service that prepares its licensed locksmiths with huge selection of key blanks and its vans -that spread across all areas in Kent Washington- with the duplication tools.

In order to arrive you in fast and cut for you any number of spares you need in high quality and affordable prices using the latest equipment.

Car Key Duplication Service!

Need for Honda duplicate key service? With Kent Locksmiths WA you don’t need to identify the brand of your automotive that you want to duplicate its key. Our certificated car key cutting service can cut any key for any car in no time, get you results exceed your expectation. Some of the brands we serve are;

“Mitsubishi, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Buick, Jeep, Cadillac, Ford, Mercury, Chevrolet / Chevy, Acura, GMC, Saturn, Subaru, Honda, Suzuki, Lincoln, Hyundai, Pontiac, Toyota, Infiniti, Scion, Isuzu, and more…”

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Residential Key Duplication Service!

Do have many members living with your at your house? So you need to make spare for each one! Kent Locksmiths WA will be the superior house key duplication service to cut the key for any sort of home locks including deadbolts and double cylinder locks.

By depending on experts who have cut thousands of keys over long years, duplicating your key will be a game for them to do in fast and with high professionalism that will cost you cheap prices.

Commercial Key Duplication Service!

Having a spar to save in safe area may keep you money and time you may forget at unexpected time. How! Can you imagine that you have lost your office keys in your home?

How much time you will waste to go back to your house? Or at harder situation as you don’t remember where you have lost them? So obtaining a duplicated key will end the issue at the time you find out it.

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